Auto pilot does not allow for growth. 

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Auto pilot does not allow for growth. 

Vulnerability and long blog alert…

So there I was finally getting to the stack of magazines I collect… and it wasn’t to positively spin them like I do with all things I don’t get to… “at least they’ll go to good use at my vision board workshop this month.. 

You know like all things you love to do and you’ll eventually get to later.

This time I was taking time to do something I love doing when the universe spoke right  to me …like it always does if I I stop to listen.

I just happened to flip to an article about the woman who created the content for the Calm app… and her article spoke right to me. She was telling my story. This ever happen to you? So much synchronicity your heart could burst!?! This article was divine intervention because my meditation practice had slipped…amongst others… I could blame it on the back to school hustle and the relaxed summer schedule…but let’s call a spade a spade. There’s a fine line between giving yourself grace and making an excuse. Yes, all things life are contributing factors, but the bottom line is fear shows up and procrastination sets in. It could be the fear of all the work that goes into success, business, parenting, partnership, friendship. Yes, just about everything that gives us pure joy requires work.

It’s a constant juggle managing it all and it’s simply easier to let the day-to-day responsibilities pile on top of all the things we like to do. Auto pilot does not allow for growth. 

So there I was reading my magazine feeling depleted not because I didn’t get enough sleep or skipped my workout or wasn’t eating well. This is my base-line norm. No crazy work week and my child actually likes school this year. The problem was I hadn’t  been showing up as my highest self. What does inconsistently not taking time to do the things we like/love to do look like? For me it looks like burn out, lack of energy, frustration, rebellion. Sure, one more glass of wine or another basket of chips and salsa. No wonder my energy was off. 

This crazy cycle requires a ton of mental space…the space that would cool, calm and creatively be doing a million other things if we weren’t wasting time rearranging the things that bring us joy. Mindlessly we allow the “priorities” to pile on top and just keep running on the hamster wheel. 

Anyway, back to that article and what resonated with me. Her childhood was rocky and mine was too, which led me to crave stability. Certainly unhealthy disordered eating habits, pent up anger, mood swings and resentments weren’t gonna get me a healthy happy stable foundation. I, like her, found yoga and mindfulness and as she found it didn’t solve all things. However, these practices created room and space between the emotions. As I had more clear space to think from I could see what I needed to do to get what I wanted. See, the answers are divinely inside of us and sometimes we need a little help pulling them out. I found therapists, helpers, healers, coaches, trainings, workshops and retreats. On this journey to create stability I showed up and did the work and the transformation came.  I can assure you it wasn’t over night or in a magic pill or a one-size-fits all approach. It took support, resilience, courage, vulnerability and it took getting out of my comfort zone…which sometimes meant big financial and time investments. Like weekends, week long, 8 week, 6 month programs. 

Out of all those dark nights of the soul and the desire to become whole my true purpose blossomed. My not showing up all the way is like telling the universe, I’m giving up on this gift and all the hard work that led me here. This is simply not an option!

Of course this is less about me now and more about the collective. There’s never been a more critical time to help people navigate the fascinating and yet frustrating world of nutrition on and off the plate. We are living in an era of multiple epidemics. Diabesity, cancer, stress related illness, unchecked and over prescribed mental health issues, anger and mass shootings — many driven by a truly unstable government selling us on big pharma, corrupt agriculture, rat-race living and over consumption. I promise there is a better way. 

New moon, new month, a new season and I’ve set my intentions to help me navigate this last quarter of the year.  I’m ready to return to putting in the work it takes to grow my business along side of nurturing my family and my relationships. I’m shifting my mindset and I’m jumping back on the journey to all things Be Well Mel. I’m dedicated to the work I am here to passionately share.

With ALL that said, I’m ready to shift my energy. How about you? 

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Well wishes,