Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s and the Countless Other’s

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Mama’s!
In memory of
Cathy Marie Mooney, my Mother
Kathleen Mooney, my Aunt and Other

I had the unique upbringing of being raised by more than one mother. My younger years were rather unconventional and for large gaps in time my mother wasn’t able to be there to care for me. In light of this being a celebration of mother’s day, I’ll leave that story for another time.

Now that doesn’t mean a mother didn’t raise me. As my dear other mother and close family friend, Millinda, always says, “When you take the M away from Mother you have other.” I was blessed with a loving Aunt Kathy who selflessly stepped in countless times without hesitation. Seeing as there’s no greater love than the love of a mother, she had big shoes to fill. In the sensitive times when I couldn’t have my own mother, thank goodness there was this Other.

I love this whole idea of Other, because when you really think about it, how many other mothers have left an impact on your life?

For me, my best friend‘s Mothers’ had safe stable homes to come to. I could always count on a home-cooked meal and an ear to bend.  Although there was always a hole in my heart when my mom was gone, I’m deeply grateful it was always being filled by wonderful Others.

Now that I’m a mother my heart is full of a love like no other.  Thank you Luciana Marie for picking me. With the gift of motherhood comes the great joy that my friends’ children and my daughter’s friends bring me.

To all my friends that are Mothers I want you to know that your kids have an Other. And I send deep gratitude to the Others that helped fill in for my Mother.

In honor of my dear Aunt Kathy passing last month I want to dedicate this message to her, my Mother, and the countless Others!

Well wishes,