"I've lost 20 pounds and kept it off. The most significant overall change I have noticed is a more relaxed relationship with food. I describe Melissa as knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging. I recommend her to anyone who is ready to make a lasting positive change in their life. Christy George
My top 3 goals upon starting with Melissa were to lose weight, feel better about myself and to start a healthier lifestyle that I could be more successful with. Melissa helped me make better choices and showed me different options to incorporate into my life. I am more accepting of who I am. She was great at addressing the emotional reasons behind the physical limitations. She was very therapeutic! Stephanie Hull
The biggest tangible change I have noticed since starting with Melissa is being more mindful. There is more than food and weight that plays into me being a health person. She's realistic, encouraging, thought provoking and consistent. Heather Rice