Navigating November With More Joy And Ease

Melissa MooneyBe Well Blog

We love this time of year in our house and we sure are in full holiday swing. We’ve already made our 1st decoration swap…out with Halloween and on to Thanksgiving. Next on the list we get to celebrate our sweet Luciana Marie turning 5. Oh, my how time flies! Before you know it we will have zoomed right through the season to 2018. Which by the way, Be Well Mel and my wellness network have exciting offerings to share so be on the look out for newsletters, emails, and make sure you are following us on all the socials.

Phew! So, let me put the breaks on and let’s Be Here Now, right!?!

I’d like to share tips and pointers on how to navigate the season with “E.E.E.” Easy, Energy and Enjoyment.
So, remember not to sweat the small stuff. Life is anything but perfect and neither are you, but you sure are enough.

  • Let gratitude be your attitude
  • Drop expectations
  • Meditation and quiet down-time
  • Journaling, even if you’re only list making
  • Practice mindfulness by getting into nature
  • Get extra sleep when you can
  • Create fun traditions with family and friends
  • Share responsibilities like shopping,cooking,ordering and gift-wrapping
  • While cooking crank up your favorite tunes and make it a fun family affair
  • Allow your self to say no
  • Acts of service
  • Take restorative yoga

I recently came across this quote and I’ve been vibeing on it since.

It reminded me to stress less about the to-do list and be more present in the moments that matter.
I’d prefer to know less of the meaning of life, but to truly know I am living it.
I wish you a Joy filled holiday season!