Tis’ The Season

Melissa Mooney Be Well Blog

Tis’ the season,” …we sure hear that a lot these days.  Tis’ the season, for what exactly? We celebrate, we give, and we receive.  The holidays are a time to rejoice and rejuvenate.  However, many of us put undue stress on ourselves and raise our bar to standards that are hard to be met by most.  We indulge and over indulge.  You can read a million blogs on how to navigate the holidays in a healthy way.  I encourage you to do so; knowledge is power.  However, I believe health is so much more than just the food we put in our mouths.  Our health goes far beyond the plate.  Today, I want to share my thoughts and tips on how to move in rhythm with nature and create peace and harmony within.

With the winter’s solstice arrival on December 21st, the fall season fades away and the last leaves drop.  This reminds me of a quote that has always stuck with me:  “the trees are about to show us how beautiful it is to let things go…” –Anonymous.  Fall is naturally so vibrant and beautiful and is nature’s way of clearing out the old.  Transitioning from this special time of cleansing, we move forward into winter, a perfect time for introspection. These months leave us with less sunlight, longer hours in darkness and colder temperatures. What if we were to flow with nature instead of moving against it?  ?  It seems like a simple notation, yet often we don’t listen to these cues. What does it all mean?  Nature begins to hibernate and we too can use this time for “hibernation”.

Instead of complaining, “it’s dark so early, it makes me so tired!” take that sleepy feeling as a message to get in your comfy clothes early and settle in.  Recharge and build up a sleep savings account.  Go to bed early or at least get under the covers with a good book.  Snuggle with your loved ones.  The colder months lend us more time to be inside.  The busyness of life often pulls us from our passion projects, use this time inside to get creative around the house.  Is there a recipe you’ve been meaning to try?  Or a craft you’ve been thinking about?

Like the baring of the trees, we can take this time to strip ourselves down and get back to our roots – what we are at our core.  Ask yourself:  “what do I want?”  “What do I need?”  Take this to time visualize your deepest desires; evaluate what isn’t serving you.  Take time to think about what are you grateful for.  Take this time of hibernation to recharge and to reflect.

Tips for seasonal transition

1. Keep a journal

2. Stress less

3. Let gratitude be your attitude

4. Get more sleep

5. Amp up dark leafy greens and drink more water

6. Eat seasonal produce

7. Cook once eat twice

8. Consume warming food and beverages. Like soups and teas

9. Skip sugary drinks

10. If you indulge, make it worth it

11. Meditate, time for a few deep breaths or a full blow daily practice

12. Get sun when you can and supplement with vitamin D

13. Keep exercising, even 10 jumping jacks in the middle of the day

14. Turn  up self-care, detox relaxing baths or a hot towel scrubbing

15. Dress warm