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Melissa Mooney-Lopez

a.k.a. Be Well Mel

Busy Mommy, Wife, Yogi, Dog Lover, Healthy Comfort Food Creator, Yoga Teacher & Wellness Guide.  

My Wellness journey began practicing yoga over a decade ago.  Yoga’s ability to heal became abundantly clear to me after taking just a few classes. I found lasting mental and …

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  • What a life, what a dog. 🐶❣️✨I love that she created her own dog house. 🐘 #undertheelephanttable#loveyourpetday2019
  • When the flu hits the laundry seems endless... 😩🙄. glad to report the bugs have left the building. #coldandfluseason #laundryfordays #motherload #momlife
  • How I’m ending my night. #books #alwayslearning #iin #klimt #edwardcurtis
  • We all have it...that negative voice in our head. The itty bitty shitty committee. You know the one that’s disguised as our very best friend to keep us “safe” and “secure” from failure, frustration, pain, and hurt. Our job is to psyche it out by immediately replacing it with a positive one. You can eat all the kale in the world, but if your thoughts aren’t healthy neither are you. #liveeatthinkbewell #positivevibes
  • Our juicy healthy weekend routine. We stay in our jammies as long as possible, make delicious juice 🍹 and do a little meal prep. What do you do to replenish after your busy week? #replenish #rest #renew #pjparty #liveeatthinkbewell #juicing
  • Yum, tomorrow’s breakfast is going to be so delicious. #mealprep #liveeatthinkbewell
  • Yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ has been the gift of positive ✨ light in my life for many years now. For 4 days I took part in the @giannayoga practice intensive @thehotroomtn . Intense it was, but we can not stay in our comfort zone for growth doesn’t live there. Yoga has created endless possibility for me to grow physically, mentally and spiritually. The practice teaches and brings me patience, perseverance, Peace, purpose and above all things community. I’m so happy to have reignited the flame that was flickering and fading away... 🔥 #Yoga #community #love #liveeatthinkbewell
  • 😍 I got nothin’ but luv today! Thanks @therawdealnash for fueling us with super power energy for our @giannayoga intensive weekend. 🧘🏻‍♀️🙏🏻👍🏻
  • Missing this guy #2years
  • What an awesome Job I have. Yesterday I got to take 6 Amazing women through my kitchen. We learned how to successfully set up the kitchen and what should and shouldn’t be in you pantry and fridge. We made BLD (breakfast.lunch.dinner) all 3 meals in under 20 minutes and with left overs to enjoy the next day. How to wash your produce. Simple meal prep steps for success. How using ✨quality ingredients is key.. thanks @herbanmarket1 for your amazing oils and vinegars #noexcuses #kitchensetup #pantrygoals #cookonceeattwice #herbanmarket #quality #liveeatthinkbewell #iinhealthcoach #nutrition #yourarewhatyoueat
  • My awesome helper #littlechefs #kidsinthekitchen #teachemyoung #liveeatthinkbewell #mealprep #overnightoats

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