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Be Well

Design Flourish

Melissa Mooney-Lopez

a.k.a. Be Well Mel

Busy Mommy, Wife, Yogi, Dog Lover, Healthy Comfort Food Creator, Yoga Teacher & Wellness Guide.  

My Wellness journey began practicing yoga over a decade ago.  Yoga’s ability to heal became abundantly clear to me after taking just a few classes. I found lasting mental and …

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  • Tell it Tuesday
  • This poor little sweetie missed her “shift” working @thehotroomtn with @kylieboo yesterday due to a crappy virus😷She’s been running a fever 103.6 🤒and going strong for the last few hours. Super grateful for this real coconut from 🍹@franklinjuicebar thank you Jason for your kindness. #coconuts #hydration #sickkids #juicebar #getwellsoon
  • 🙌🏻It’s all about the mindset! 🤯💯❣️#mindset #mindsetiseverything #liveeatthinkbewell #bewellmel
  • 🐶😍
  • I Had A Vision of Love 😍
  • 1 week from today, 📣Join me and my AMAZING love 💖coach @katherinephifer @thirdcoastclay for this powerful and transformative Vision Board Workshop. We’ll be focusing on cultivating, attracting, and inspiring love in 2020. 💞Whatever that looks like for you. For me I’ve been on a 8 month journey to cultivate self-love 🥰 CUZ, let’s face it, SELF LOVE is the foundation of everything we want to be or do! 💗 There’s great power in creating clarity for yourself when it comes to love❣️ By visualizing what you desire AND by putting it out into the Universe, 💖you are creating the energy to call in the high vibe love that you deserve. WHAT TO EXPECT: In this Vision Board workshop you will transform your mindset and approach to relationships by becoming crystal clear on how you envision your 2020 love. Before we dive into the creative process, you will receive a worksheet to focus on your 2020 love. Then, Be Well Mel will take us through a guided meditation to ignite your creative process and to provide clarity on your love life. During the vision board workshop you will receive support and guidance from two transformational coaches with education on wellness, health, self love and relationships. INCLUDED: Focus on Love Worksheet by Katherine Phifer Guided Meditation led by Be Well Mel All Vision Board Materials Light Snacks and Sparkly Drink WHEN, WHERE & PRICE: February 27, 2020 at 5PM Third Coast Clay (Next to Herban Market) 3078 Maddux Way, Franklin, TN 37069 DM TO SIGN UP ❣️💓❣️#love #happylove #selflove #lovecoach #visionboard #vision #clarity #mindfullness #meditation #liveeatthinkbewell #healthcoach
  • Thank you @chelseayoungyogi for moving my booty! Your class was just what the dr ordered. You are an amazing teacher a beautiful light and I’m so grateful to be in your tribe! 🧘🏻‍♀️🙏🏻💃🏾#bootyyoga #yoga #yogaeverydamnday
  • There’s something really special ✨ about waking up with these old trees🌲. I feel a deep sense of connection to my spirituality in nature. This morning I stared deeply at the branches visualizing them as if they were the veins in my lungs. With each breathe I imagined the branches connecting into my lungs, each and every breath filling me up with support of the whole entire universe. 💫Immediately I felt a sense of clam and energy come over me all at the same time. Especially as the sun started changing the color of the trees, swipe ➡️ to see the change. It’s a magnificent and wonderful feeling...feel free to try it sometime😌🥰 We’re all connected, one universe, one planet 🌎💫🪐⭐️, one human race, on love❤️!Where do you feel most connected? #meditation #mindfulness #godscreation #godsplan #universe #life #love #deepbreathing #breathe #breath #spirit #spirituality #mindbodyspirit #trees # connection #liveeatthinkbewell #bewellmel
  • Love is everywhere, even in our pancakes💛... thankfully 🙏🏻 we slowed 🐌down to take look. Some days it’s all about quick & easy on the go,go, go 💃🏾! Others days, like our sacred Sunday’s we like it slow and simple✨. We wake up slow, try to stay in bed as long as we possibly can all snuggled up in our comfy jammies😌😊. The cooking is slow, the schedule is lite and all feels just right. ☺️What are your slow Sunday rituals? @simplemills #sundayfunday #sunday #sundayvibes #slow #slowdown #pancakes #foodislove #loveiseverywhere #liveeatthinkbewell
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, lovely ❣️❣️💖💞💗💞💖❣️❣️
  • Cheers to all you mamas with your hair in a bun and getting 💩 done ✅! More on smoothies and why I love them in my next newsletter. #smoothie #hemphearts #hairinabun #momlife #healthymomlife #happymomlife #lovemyself #liveeatthinkbewell #bewellmel #holistichealth #nutritioncoach
  • @vitamix Easy peasy ✨ delicious and nutritious ✨ kid tested ✨ mom approved ✨❣️ homemade tomato 🍅 soup in under 10 minutes. Recipe in the newsletter tomorrow. 😋#soup #easypeasy #deliciousandnutritious #liveeatthinkbewell #bewellmom #bewellmelrecipes #fastfunmeals #organic #beinghealthydoesnthavetobehard#vitamix